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February Awareness Days


There are many amazing awareness days in February, and some are more meaningful than ever as COVID restrictions have changed our lives in different ways.

The 3 that stand out for me are;

  • Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness week – February 1st to the 7th
  • Children’s Mental Health Awareness week – February 1st to the 7Th
  • Time to Talk – February 4th

Unfortunately, the numbers of reported cases of abuse have risen over lockdown. Have you been the victim and scared to come forward? Please do give me a call and we can look at how I can help, each call and any subsequent sessions are private and confidential, and I am able to offer face to face as well as telephone or zoom sessions.

It has also been reported that the mental health of our children has also been drastically challenged. With having to be home schooled, all social activities have been cancelled and meeting friends at school and externally is highly restricted. I have worked with young children and teenagers for over 10 years offering them the space to speak freely and unjudged, to work with them over anxieties, self esteem and depression including self-harm. I am a qualified Interpersonal Psychotherapist for Adolescents as well as family systemic practitioner.

On February the 4th why not arrange a time to talk, via telephone, over zoom or perhaps the garden fence, make yourself a coffee and treat yourself to some cake and open up a discussion, especially talk about what you want to do after COVID, perhaps what you will change or add to your life.

Take care of your mental health.

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