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What are your 2019 Goals?

Although we are still in the grips of winter and we cannot be sure the snow and freezing temperatures are behind us, spring is not far away and with the lighter nights getting closer we can start looking forward to being able to get out more and enjoy the warmth of the spring sunshine.

So let’s starts planning ahead, what will your goals be for spring and summer? Always remember to make your goals manageable, perhaps it would be to start planting in the garden be it vegetables or flowers, or perhaps you don’t have a garden but could plant up some pots, but remember you don’t have to go out and buy expensive flowerpots, use containers you have from around the house, al so plant some that you can have indoors as they don’t have to be all outdoors. Seeing our gardens or pots mature is very rewarding and a positive achievement, which are all great in supporting your mental health.


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